Chinese 20mm ammunition of QTS-11 rifle


I just found that China has a new rifel with a coaxial 20mm grenade launcher.
Is there any info available on the 20mm ammunition?


maybe the 20mm grenade would be a copy of south korea K11


Hi Alex,

The Chinese 20mm* ammunition used in the experimental QTS-11 and earlier models looks very similar to the Korean 20x30B for the K11. Also, it must have been tried in another type of grenade launcher using belted ammunition, but its designation is unknown to me. Below you can see 4 different set of pictures of this round and two different types of TP projectiles.



*One source mentions that the early round was 20x28B that was superseded by a 20x32B. When I took measurements of a picture the scale indicated a c. 30 mm case, so I’m not sure what case length has the one in the pictures.


Thanks Fede,

I have not so far seen any performance data for this round.


Fede, thanks a lot!
It seems all of those 20mm “OICW” do look similar, including the South African one.
Wish we had the exact case length of this one.