Chinese 20mm DQL12

Does anybody know the case length of the Chinese “OICW” type 20mm DQL12?
Or are better images available?

Source: internet

No pictures, but this is on China Defence blog site [Updated 2019-01-06,
“Since the ZH-05 has entered service for sometime now and more importantly inspected by THE BOSS himself, the PLA Daily (here) finally confirmed its in-service designation as the QTS-11 单兵综合作战系统 (Single-Troop, Comprehensive, Combat System)”]:

"Lethality rating of the 20mm airburst grenade compared with various other weapons. It can be seen that the 20mm airburst has greater killing co efficiency than a standard grenade, and approaches that of an infantry mortar!

And some specs of the ZH-05’s 20mm grenade, again translated by Hongjian:
“20mm caliber
1.2 grams of propellant
85 grams
119MPa chamber pressure
219m/s muzzle velocity
800m range and 29.46 meters vertical
reaching the distance of 800m in 4.446 seconds with an arc of 7.02 degrees
7.7 meters killing radius” "

From RP defense blog:
“The Chinese ZH-05 has three types of 20mm ammo. One is impact detonation, the second is air burst and the third is a shotgun type shell. The computerized fire control system only provides for the user to select at what range the air burst round will detonate. Because these 20mm rounds have fewer electronics in them they carry more fragments and the Chinese believe (but don’t know from combat experience) that this supplies adequate wounding capability.”

This is what the firearm looks like:

Jack, thanks!
The gun was known.

Meanwhile I got the case length which is 28mm.

We have an earlier thread about this: Chinese 20mm ammunition of QTS-11 rifle

Fede, yes, later I got reminded about. The new image I found sparked me to ask for the case length.