Chinese 30mm APFSDS

Got this one in a few days ago and could not be happier, the newest addition to my growing APFSDS and Chinese ordnance collection!

I do have the case for this round however it is still in transit and will be for 2-3 more months. I believe the case is a 30x170 or 30x173mm, it would be used on Chinese IFV’s, such as the ZBD-04 with a 30mm cannon (main cannon or co-axial). The exact designation of this round I am still unsure as there is very little information online or that I have.

The plastic drive band was cut prior to me getting it, possibly in a test lab (sabots each hand-engraved “8L8”). It is unfired but a little scratched up. It completely disassembles, aluminum sabots (extremely lightweight), penetrator body, ballistic cap, and fins (nose and fins are also extremely lightweight). The fins may have held a tracer element however I am unsure. The fins have 5 holes drilled between each fin, while the fins are finely machined in a way that seems like they wanted it to spin in flight.

The sabots are a typical design, the gunk on them is a light glue that held the sabots to the penetrator. Drive band is a hard plastic/polymer slip-type.

Included is a pic of the complete round, as well as some Chinese IFV’s with 30mm cannons. If anyone has any information on this one please let me know, I have scoured the net and asked the seller but there is little out there.

Hope you all enjoy,


Congratulations! Great find, thanks for sharing.

Geat images Rhys!
The caliber is 30x165.

Interesting mix of camouflage patterns - three vehicles,
three different patterns. Talking about style here, not just
the individual paint jobs. Just an observation.


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John, there is many more camauflage patterns, schemes and colors!

The full case markings would be interesting to see and in particular the headstamp then.

I may be able to get case markings today, if not I can when it arrives with me.

As for the headstamp I do have a photo of that, will provide it shortly.

Great! Looking forward to that!

What is L/D ratio of penetrator?

Shen, can you tell us about the different Chinses guns in 30x165 (with images)? That would be most interesting.

Just to get started, this is my list of Chinese-made cannon in 30 x 165: corrections and additions welcomed!

Russian AO18/GSh-6-30K in AK630 naval mounting (Chinese H/PJ-13 – NG-18 for export): 30 x 165 ammunition

Russian GSh-301 aircraft gun (Chinese designation not known): 30 x 165 ammunition

Russian 2A72 AFV gun (Chinese designation not known): 30 x 165 ammunition

30 mm H/PJ-14/15/17 naval mountings: presumably 30 x 165 ammunition.
This is a single-barrel gun in three different remotely-controlled naval mountings (H/PJ-17 is a 1,500 kg mounting). The provenance of the gun is not known.

30 mm Type 730 (H/PJ-12) mounting: 30 x 165 ammunition.
This is fitted with an externally-powered seven-barrel gun which bears a close resemblance to the GAU-8/A and fires at a similar rate (4,200-5,000 rpm – sources vary); the mounting looks similar to that of the experimental French SAMOS system which used that gun. However, it appears that the Type 730 uses the same Russian 30 x 165 ammunition already in service in the H/PJ-16 (AK-630) system which implies some redesign of the gun, as the Russian naval round is electrically rather than percussion-primed. This is primarily used as a naval CIWS but also offered in the LD2000 SPAAG mounting, which also fulfils the C-RAM role.

30 mm Type 1130 (H/PJ-11) mounting: 30 x 165 ammunition.
Developed from the Type 730 with an increase in the barrel count from seven to eleven to boost the RoF to 10,000 rpm (one source says 11,000 rpm), in order to give naval vessels a better chance of stopping supersonic anti-ship missiles. It is also offered in a land-based mounting, the LD3000, for which one source states the RoF is reduced to 8,000 rpm.

P.S. Type 1130 in action (from the web):

EOD - are you speaking of many more in China, the rest of
the world, or on that particular fighting vehicle type?

John Moss

John, I meant Chinese vehicles and other military gear.
I feel the diversity of guns, ammo, equipment and all sorts of gear would be enough for about 10 large militaries.
I think China is widely underestimated in many respects.

Sheng, great image! Thanks for sharing!

Hello Rhys,

unfortunately I cant see your Images of that 30mm APFSDS :-/ Is just me or are they gone? If the latter, could you probably up them again? That would be great!