Chinese 30x165 APFSDS

Recently I bought this which I think is really interesting. It’s a Chinese 30mm APFSDS, it comes with a sabot and a projectile,which I think is both replica. The shell is real for sure, and it has a head stamp marked with 8 12, anyone know if it was the production date or not, thanks :)




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To me it appears not like a replica.

I wonder if this one is a supercavitating variant.

Would it be possible to get one more image of the right half of the black ink markings on the case?

The sabot is in one solid piece and the projectile is made of soft steel, which makes me think it’s a replica.

Odd item then.
The fins appear original.
Maybe a factory dummy or display item?
The black anodizing does not let it appear like self made.

Any chance for another image of the ink markings maybe?

There you go

Maybe it’s a dummy, but the company who sell those have a decent amount of stock which has has a high chance for it to be mass produce.

What is the name of the company selling these items?


Well, it’s a Chinese company, but it’s name is: 青岛海中海军艺贸易有限公司 (Qingdao Haizhong Navy Art Trade Co., Ltd.)


This APFSDS projectile looks similar to the model adopted by the Navy for the Type 1130 gun; however, the latter has a different tip and the main sabot is made of three pieces (collars are not shown in the picture below).


The case do not correspond to this variant but to the APDS used in armored vehicles. Also, it looks repainted and with new stencilled markings, because, although the information is correct, letter size/shape differs from original examples.

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Yea, I see that picture before, so I don’t think mine are real.

You can find mroe pictures in this post by Rhys (Spaceinvader): Chinese 30mm APFSDS

I think yours is authentic, but a different model whose designation is unknown to me.

Thanks Fede!
I will post some more photos tonight of mine.

Mine is certainly authentic, the sabots are fired and recovered test sabots (hand engraved test lot #'s on the sabots) with an unfired drive band and Tungsten penetrator (a file skates across and is unable to scratch it & a much darker color than the one above). Fins and nose are made of aluminum.

The one I have is also in an APDS case so I have a feeling that the case type is actually incorrect based off what I have seen and found before such as case markings. However I dont know what type of case would be correct.

I have unofficial sources saying the APFSDS projectile begand testing in 2010. Thats really all I have on it otherwise. I also have an APDS variant in the same casing that is correct and I have found photos of it being used in a PLA IFV.

Pics to follow tonight.

Mine are definitely the opposite. And I’ve tested ever the fins itself is harder than the rod, so maybe real fins replica “rod”?🤔

Indeed, this one does not look like a real projectile.

Reasons as for why and how can be manyfold.


Sorry for the delay, I have more photos and details coming, just need to get the info I had on the APDS and since lost!

HHSY I dont think your penetrator is real, but the fins certainly seem to be, and it seems as though the sabots are not finished yet and cut into 3?

I managed to get all the photos I was looking for and here is what I know about the APDS and APFSDS rounds.

There seems to be 2 different types of APDS, with 2 different sabot designs and 2 different cores (pictured, the one on the right is for the type I have, left is the other variation). As well as the rounds in links with ammunition crate however the sabot design is different but crate markings show the same designation.
The character on the headstamp means “steel”, and the case is marked with the round designation, and lot numbers as well as possible dates?
The projectile is made from a gold aluminum pusher with a hard nylon type plastic sabot, which is marked “XI-16” and “T9-16” on the base. There is an odd glue plug that leads up into the aluminum pusher but does not appear to go all the way to the Tungsten core, so I dont believe this is a Tracer projectile. Picture attached of these being used with links in a Chinese IFV. I have not been able to ID the exact IFV unfortunately.

As for the APFSDS it is fairly straight forward construction (Tungsten body, very light aluminum nose and fins, aluminum sabots, slip type drive band). I have a picture attached of it sitting with an APDS marked case, in what seems to be a range setting which leads me to believe this round was either not adopted or was only in testing.

Chinese%2030x165mm%20APDS%20Cores Chinese%2030x165mm%20APDS-T

This photo was sent to me by a friend a few days ago, he found it browsing the web but was unable to find the original source of it.
Regardless, this confirms the 30x165mm APFSDS is certainly for a naval gun mounting. This one specifies the DEC115 however I cannot find any info on it.

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The driving band arrangement on the HE types is really unusual.