Chinese 35 mm Grenade for 7.62x25 Cal. Guns

Chinese 35 mm anti-riot grenade for 7.62x25 caliber pistols and submachine guns. Fired with “special blank cartridge”. Picture shows a dyeing variant (white grenade).

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Very, very interesting. The pistol is a Type 54, the Chinese designation for their native-made copy of the Russian TT33 (Tokarev) pistol.

Has anyone ever seen one of these blank propelling cartridges? Any photo of them out there?

John Moss

John, here is a catalog picture of a Type 51 blank. I don’t have information about a grenade blank.




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Another picture showing the grenade rod:



Has anybody ever seen the regular blanks out in the wild?

Fede - Great shot. Thanks. Since the blanks are designated “Type 51” which was the designation for the first of the Chinese-made Tokarev pistols, perhaps these are the blanks for this grenade. Perhaps on of our Chinese Forum members can translate the Chinese Characters that follow the “51 Type 7.62mm” marking in that picture. It likely speaks of the type of blank, as the character for “type” or “model” is repeated as the last character in the line of print, as we would read it from left to right.


That reminds me of the Russian lizard pistol grenade, the device D.d_pmam9


Different thing.

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Looks like it would be a fun time.
Is it still unlawful to import ammo from China ?
I would think Trump should add ammo to the trade deal :-)

I have never seen a Chinese Tokarev blank “in-the-flesh”. Jim Tillinghast listed one in his collection, but I’ve only ever seen pics out of China.

I have a CZ52, should work the same… any idea of the weight of the projectile?

I envision getting myself into trouble in the near future… I am not too old to have fun!

EOD, yeah I know its different, it just reminded me of it.

No worries. My comment was more for other readers who may take it as a similar system.
The Russian one is different in all respects except for some optical commons.