Chinese 35mm grenade launcher round

Hello everyone,
I believe this is my first post on the IAA, although I am a frequent member of the BOCN. I hope to get more involved on the IAA although im not sure I will be of much help!

For now I am looking for the measurements of a Chinese 35mm grenade launcher projectile. I recently got a very nice casing, and I doubt I will ever find a projectile for it (or be able to afford it). I would like to make one on my lathe but cannot find measurements online for the projectile. Any of the projectiles would work, Smoke, HE, Anti Personal, Incendiary etc. Hopefully someone here has them! Thanks very much!


Hi Rhys,

Those BOCN linked images are not visible to anyone on the forum since one must logged into BOCN on that site to see them. If you can upload those to a generic photshare website like Photobucket, or copy whatever the original source link of the photos is and then post here, they will become visible. Thanks,

Sorry about that, didnt think of that, thanks for telling me. Here they are. Hopefully I have done this right.

You’ll find a photo of this round on page 9 of this article:

Plus on page 17 photos of a replica I had made.

Also a photo here: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=12860


Thanks very much gents, I should be able to make a decent replica from the pictures!

Spaceinvader, can you tell us the exact case length?

The casing is supposed to be 32mm long, mine is 31.91mm.

Thanks fot the detail!!!