Chinese 35mm Grenades and case types

Great folks here have posted lots of info on the 35mm round for the Chinese QLZ-87 grenade launcher.

Sectioned examples of the DFJ-87 show that case to be a High-Low pressure type (I assume).

What about the DFP131?
Externally it looks just like the DFJ-87 but no internal “high pressure” chamber, just a big ole empty case.

Is this a round for the vehicle borne ZLZ-94?

Thanks for any info.

We need to observe that these are 2 different cases.

The orange colored 35x32 one for the ZLZ-94 (police LTL type ammo) is a rimless case and has the “high-low” pressure system.

The black colored 35x32SR one for the DFJ-87 (military for HE and HEAT type ammo) is a semi rimmed case and is a traditional “high pressure only” design.

The DFP-131 does not ring a bell. Do you have images for us?

Here an image from the forum here or from the internet.


Hopefully that works. Photo should show some 35mm rounds.
And thanks to your info I question my DFJ87s. They appear rimless.

I think your orange cases simply got stuffed with incorrect projectiles.

Any images of the DFP131 ?

The two rounds on the right are DFP131s.
With the exception of the gold/orange anodizing, the fusing and construction appear identical.
However the fuse is marked “DRE252A” on the DFP131.

The fuse on the DFP131 appears 5 or 6mm longer than the DFJ87.
And angled slightly different.
Interior construction of the main body holds the shaped charge liner cone in place with threads with the DFP131.
Press fit with the DFJ87.

So I guess they are not so identical.

Ok, I initially understood the DFP131 is a weapon designation.

Could you show the full markings on the fuzes, the projectile bodies and the headstamps please?

As you probably know, painted markings on Chinese ordnance is quite fragile.
So the best paint markings are in the photo.
All the DFP131 rounds I have are sectioned so part of the headstamp (all different) is missing on each.
I believe I can get a photo of the fuse markings.
I have noticed much of the “Internet” information pertaining to the internals of this round (DFJ87) is quite “fanciful.”
And I have not seen anything on the “DFP131.”
I know there is a great deal of expertise on this forum so I am hopeful we can pin down this round.
Maybe for improved feed (due to different fuse angle) for a full auto application.

pics to follow



I would love to compare these rounds with rounds from other collectors.
And I apparently have some nice sectioned cases for the LTL rounds, LOL.

I think our Chinese members Sheng or Magnum will help us out as soon as they will notice this thread.

Could you show the full markings (all) on the two fifferent fuze models?

Here the rimless 35x32 LTL “high-low” types.

Source internet.

The rimless case w/ dual chambers is for the 35mm low pressure Type 91 grenade. The semi-rim case with single chamber is for the Type 87 high pressure grenade.

The ZLZ94 is a chain-driven grenade launcher made for the Type 91 low pressure grenade. It has a vehicle power source cord and a electric motor on top.