Chinese 45 acp

I believe these are all the same headstamp.
What arsenal make them and what year?
Chinese%2045%20acp Chinese%2045%20acp%20a Chinese%2045%20acp%20b Chinese%2045%20acp%20c

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These cartridges were made in 1930 (19th Year of the Chinese Calendar in use then), at Si Chuan Arsenal, also known as Szuen, Szechuan or Ch’eng-tu). Dates of 20 (1931) and 21 (1932) are also known. That is the information I received from a very good source on Chinese ammunition.

I think those dates correspond closely to when the Chinese were making the .45 caliber copy of the Mauser Broomhandle pistol, I believe and Shansei Arsenal, although I could be incorrect about that.

John Moss

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The Shansei Arsenal, or at least the Warlord who “owned” the arsenal, had the Mauser pistol made in 45 ACP because the arsenal was already manufacrturing the Thompson SMG in that caliber! The ATF reference has a truly beautiful Thompson made by Shansei. Their boss insisted it must be a manufactured US Thompson until he did a detail comparison of measurements and discovered it could have never have been a US. Still, it was the most finely finished Thompson he had ever seen!


PS: The story on the 45 Shansei Mauser is interesting. The warlord wanted a 45 ACP pistol to complement his Thompsons. He commissioned a number of technical organizations in his area for designs, and a local engineering school designed the 45 version of the Mauser Broomhandle which was the iconic Chinese pistol at that time. This story was in a set of books outlining Chinese Ordnance before 1948, and published by the Chinese Ordnance Officers Association. A Chinese friend borrowed my books (and still has them) and translated the sory for me.