Chinese 5.56x45 with military head stamps?

Has anybody ever observed Chinese made 5.56x45 with military head stamps?

If so, details and images would be welcome.


I have some pictures of one item find in Chile

The headstamp

I hope that works

Best regards from Chile

Claudio, thanks a lot. I meant those with numerical factory code - actually from the same factory. Your’s here is the one we know from cicilian boxes.

Alex, what do you think of this one… brass case, GM M193 type bullet, and of course, made in China!

Federico, I know that one as I got the Image before it was published and I had to observe the copyright.
I am still looking for other head stamps and mainly years and factories.

Alex, I see, my surprise attempt failed! I’ll try to look for more pictures.

Fede, I have to admit that your surprises usually do work very well.

I also have some bad pictures of headstamp .223 JE probably made in China for Singapore. Do you have more information about this one?

I have a JE keychain but unfortunately no info as for the factory name.

We have had mountains of both civi and military packed Chinese 5.56 through our warehouses in the last couple of years.

I have only seen the CJ (plant 791 Chongqing) headstamps

If I find anything else, I will post.

I did find a load of “high accuracy” 5.56, but have not compared it to the regular stuff.