Chinese 6.5 Arisaka H/S

OK, last one for tonight. Perhaps one of our Chinese members can help?
Got a 6.5 Arisaka round with a headstamp that doesn’t appear in Elks. Can I get a translation?
Thanks in advance.

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Manufactured by no.11 Arsenal
三十八------38th year of Republic of China(1949)
一 ----- January


Never seen this Arsenal’s 6.5Arisaka before!

Double Diamond, old mark for Kong Hsien (Gong Xian) Arsenal, Small arms and ammo plant.

It was shifted to ChungKing (Qongqing) in the late 30s, and the Name changed to
ARSENAL No.11. Held by KMT till end of 1949.

Doc AV

Very nice. I only ever come across the ubiquitous plain head variety.

Indeed a great headstamp! Thank you for sharing Jon!