Chinese 7.62 mm Type 50 box code 121

Do we have a year that can be identified? Is the hs known?

I can’t find the picture yet but it was a fired case headstamped 121 plus the bold symbol shown before, year and month.

Ah, so the box here is not giving a year?

Here is the headstamp.

Thanks a lot Cartridgecorner! Is that the hs for the shown box?

I am not sure 100%. It is the same symbol and marking. I had a similar box that my came out of. May be different year…

Anyhow it is good to have the code associated to a year for this caliber.

I only recall seeing that headstamp before on 7.62x25 rounds.

Jon, what was the date on these?

In that style, all the 7.62x25s are 1952, lot/month numbers 1-12.

I’ve found the headstamp: is the same posted by Curtis but month is “6” and the general size is smaller.

Thank you gentlemen!

Big mistake! I’m sorry, this is not a 6.5 mm Type 38 box but a 7.62 mm Type 52, which will be quite interesting anyway. Same goes for the headstamp reported above. I’m editing the thread title.

Fede…where is that box???
It was kind of interesting as a 6.5mm, but it is now an I REALLY WANT TO GET IT item!

Jon, the box is in China… Here is another 7.62 mm Type 51 box from factory 121:

Technically speaking, I do not think that either of the Chinese boxes should be called “Type 51” boxes. The labels clearly say “Type 50.” The designation “Type 51” belongs to the first version of the Russian TT33 Tokarev 7.62 x 25 mm Pistol that China produced, later redesignated as the “Type 54” for reasons I have never been able to find out.

I don’t have any of my gun books upstairs right now, but I believe the “Type 50” designation is for the Chinese version of the PPSh 41 7.62 x 25 mm SMG. Same caliber, but not the same designation.

I have a Chinese box contemporary to those, for the “D22” headstamp ammo. I would picture it, but I don’t think I can get an image worth publishing, as the print is red, not black, and badly faded. It, too, says “Type 50” on it. I don’t think the Type 51 pistol made much af an appearance during the Korean War, as it was in pretty short supply even by the time of the Armistice. I have only ever seen two Type 51s with a definite Korean War connection. However, the PPSh-41, both Russian mfg. and Chinese, were used prolifically there.

Just nit-picking, I suppose.

John, you are absolutely right, these are Type 50 boxes. I should edit the post, again…


I have asked a work colleague of mine, who has a Chinese heritage, to translate the writing on the package. He is not an ammuntion collector nor a firearms enthusiast and has apologised for his lack of knowledge of technical ballistics terms. Anyway, below is what he believes the writing to be:

Brochure for Bullets for Model 50 assault rifle

Bullets can be fired at a speed 900 to 1100 round per minute
Bullet hitting target accuracy at distance 30 m with maximum spread within 100 mm
Pass inspection for appearance, length(in) , firing and water immersion test
Produced by factory 121

The handwriting is 33 rounds

Hope this helps
Ian B.

Ian, thank you very much for the translation.