Chinese 7.62x25 box labels ID/translation

Can anybody translate these Chinese 7.62x25 box labels please?

Number 2 basically says:
7.62 Pistol Cartridges (Brass Cases)
Type 51
70 Pieces

I have never seen #1 before.

Do you know the headstamps that came from each box? Can you get an extras of Box #1?

#1 was empty and I never got to know what was inside. It was found many years ago on a gun show by a friend. I have never seen a 2nd one.
#2 held brass cased “11 58”.

I Figured the Type 51 and the quantity of 70 EA but wondered on #1 as most characters there are differing from #2 which seems to have proper markings.

Well, if #1 ever needs a new home, I would be happy to adopt it.
NatoDave has some good Chinese contacts. I’ll ask him to take a look at this posting and send it along to his friends.

I’ve already asked - I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything.


Box 1 translates as

7.62 cm
Pistol Cartridges
70 Pieces

I questioned the “cm” but this is correct. I assume that it should have been mm and the error was not corrected before the labels were printed and used.


Dave, thanks a lot!
So except for the typo the markings do not indicate anything unusual.