Chinese 7.62x25 Type 64 subsonic


Does anyone have a bullet weight for the Chinese Type 64 subsonic 7.62x25 round? I have a total cartridge weight of 12.12-13.03 grams and an MV of 285-305 metres/sec but no bullet weight…

Thanks for any help.


The weight of a pulled 7.62 x 25 Type 64 Silencer round projectile in my collection is 119.9, grains (7.77 grams). I assume the intended weight 12 120 +/- grains. (Projectile weighed on an RCBS Electornic Scale).

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Many thanks, John!


John, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of this round. I gather that the bullet is pointed - does it resemble a standard 7.62x39 AK bullet?


Here’s a photo of the 7.62 x 25mm Sub-sonic with it’s distinctive ‘pointy’ bullet in a Tokarev case but I wasn’t aware that it is the ‘Type 64’.
I’ve always thought that the Type 64 was the 7.62 x 17mm rimless modification based on the 7.65mm Parabellum case and pictured below.
Are they both ‘Type 64’ or have I got it the wrong way around?


Many thanks Jim. I think that both of the rounds are known (generally if not officially) as the Type 64. The first of the suppressed SMGs which fired the subsonic 7.62x25 was designated Type 64.


Okay, thank you…we’ve both benefited from that then! I’ll redesignate my 7.62 x 25mm as a ‘Type 64’ as well.