Chinese 7.62×38R Nagant drawing



greatly appreciate you sharing such drawings! Are those general design drawings, or are those plant production drawings, which may differ slightly from plant to plant?

Xièxie Hans

Hans, not anticipating the answer from Magnum but by now we saw only one factory making these cases in China (#821).
And the drawing above does not give allowances so it is not for production facilities.

In my opinion,this drawings should be used for production.Here are more details about the tolerance,package,acceptance standard and test method after this page.And as far as I kown the no.11 factory have also produced this cartridge


Great info Magnum, thanks a lot!

A very complicated way to have the allowances in separate tables.

#11 is also great news. Do you happen to have an image of such a headstamp/cartridge?

Do you have the same detailed information about 9x18 cartridges from the same source?

Those are cool, but… is anyone fluent in that dialect and willing to translate to English, (either British or American as I am fluent in both!).

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枪弹手册.pdf (6.4 MB)


Thank you very much!

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For all interested in dimensioned cutaway drawings of small arms ammunition and its components, this is a trove of information.
Thank you very much for sharing.

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I wish I read Chinese. This may be the single most important document we have seen to date on Chinese ammunition subjects.

John Moss

I love the dummy rounds on p. 61~62, the rest is also interesting, but it reads a little hard…

Alex, the Chinese match loading with 11 66 headstamp is mentioned is P. Régenstreif book “Munitions Sovietiques” published in 1983.

Magnum and Fede, thanks a lot for the images and info!
Wish I had seen those in reality.