Chinese 7.62x39 111/75 question

i just received 3 rounds of chinese 111/75 red primer rounds today and wanted to pull the bullet to make sure it was not a tracer or IT round. well i pulled the bullet out and there was no gun power in the round. so i did the same thing to the second one and the same results.
has anyone ran into this before.
maybe just a freak nature on the assembly line?

Oh yeah, the old chinese 111/75’s. Those were charged with combustible gas, not powder. I guess you let it all out now. :)

Just kidding, I am anxious to hear what becomes of this though. Did it look like they were intact upon receipt?

Images might help just to make sure we get the details.

ill get some good pictures tomorrow and post them

Have received more than a few 7.62x39mm rounds from Europe with no powder in them… Where did your rounds come from?


Empty, inerted rounds are becoming much more common in the collecting world. Some of my best finds lately have been Chinese fired cases built into model airplanes! I would be happy to get some rounds that are only missing the powder.

ok here is the picture of the round

14.9grams is the weight of the round


anyclue on whats the deal of these rounds?

not to bad pictures using my cell phone.

Thank you for showing it.
Looks like a regular “PS” mild steel core.

How easy was it to pull the bullet? The black sealant shows that it should have been very difficult to pull the bullet with an inertial puller. If it was relatively easy, it was previously pulled and emptied.

took about 3 or 4 min with lots of hitting
i thought i was going to brake my puller

The red primer seal is meaningless. Normal PS (Type 56) ball. The odds that two rounds at random have no powder charge is unbeleivable. Even pulled and reseated, that asphalt sealant will hold tight. In my opinion, someone removed the powder at some time in the past or you beat the odds…


what are the odds

i just weighed the the untouched round and it came out to 256.18 grains
out of the 3 i have 2 with no power 231.49 grains and one with 256.18

these rounds came out of a crate of these boxes. the factory codes where 111/xx dates ranging from 69 to 80’s