Chinese 7.62x39 box, content ID

I came across this empty 7.62x39 box and would like to know which cartridges and hs were inside.
Anybody out there who could help?

The one in my collection contained Brown lacquered steel cased type 56 ball cartridges (steel cored) with clear case mouth and primer sealants. Headstamp “71 85”.

I have seen over the years several different headstamps and some cartridges with copper-clad steel cases, in the same box style, but all of the steel core ball variety and all from factory “71” with various mid-late 1980’s dates.

This is one of the earlier Chinese box types imported into the US.


Thanks for that AKMS!

It may be significant that my 9 x 18 mm Makarov box from the China Jing An Equipment Import/Export Corp, which is the same pattern as the 7.62 x 39 mm box shown except that the basic color is blue, not green, has cartridges headstamped “71 93.”

John, thanks!
So far I got more answers than I expected!

I have the following in my green 7.62x39mm boxes- 31 91 cws/ball, 31 92 cws/ball, 71 90 LS/ball and 71 91 LS/ball. in my blue 7.62x39mm box(same print as green box) I have 311 88 cws/ball.


Russ, thank you too.
So it seems tehse boxes were late 80’s to early 90’s then.

It is hard to know the ending date for Chinese box labels if the information is coming from the United States. Importatation of Chinese pistol and rifle ammunition was stopped about 1993 by the Clinton Administration, so we don’t see Chinese dates here after 1993 unless we get them from some other source.

I still see “new” Chinese 7.62x39 boxes pop up at recent gun shows, at least examples I have never noticed before. I can’t even begin to imagine how much Chinese ammo was imported befor the Clinton ban took effect.

I know that 356 was shipping 30,000 M14S/M305 rifles a month to the US before the ban.

We ended up with most of the ammo that was made but never delivered after the ban.