Chinese? 7.62x39 CWS Case headstamped 21 65

I recently found some fired copper clad steel 7.62x39 cases on a civilian range here in the UK.

Am I correct that these cases are a rolled bimetal type as the extractor groove is lacquered?

The primer cups are brass coloured with no visible lacquer. There is also no visible case mouth seal.

They are headstamped 21 65. Are these Chinese made?

No, if the 65 is upside down then it is Polish, if “normal” then Hungarian.

Thanks for the reply. It is in the regular orientation for Hungarian. I had read that Hungary had used that headstamp, but was not aware they made CWS cases.

Did Poland ever make CWS cases?

I have also found Hungarian grey lacquered cases headstamped 21 85 on the same range.

Copper clad in Poland is known but to what I saw rather few.

In Hungary copper clad cases were pretty normal in particular in the 1960s.