Chinese 7.62x39 ID? Yellow & Black tipped rounds on stripper clip

So I’m trying to figure out what these are. I believe these are Chinese, factory 601 over a 76. Also the stripper clip they are on is marked 601. The yellow tip is throwing me off, never seen any of these before. (first time posting here hopefully I added the pictures correctly)

Any input is much appreciated, thanks.
(Peter from North Carolina, USA)


My documents only show finland using yellow on 7.62x39 as an experiment, the black says API for chinese 7.62x39, No clue what the combo is.

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the bullets come from 7.65x54 argentinian SPOTTER (same function as 7.92 beobactung german)
reloaded on 7.62x39 cases
don’t try to pull these with inertia puller they will explode

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Thanks for the info! To bad they are reloads and not original. Even if there’s not much collectible value to them I still think they’re cool and am going to just add them to my collection. I’d be way to scared to reload these things, I’m surprised someone would even pull and reload these in the first place.

There is a video on “You Tube” of these projectiles.

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