Chinese 7.62x39mm crate quantity

What are the known packing quantities for Chinese made 7.62x39mm cartridges? I know of sealed “spam cans” of 550, 720 and 750 rounds each, two cans to a wooden crate, and 1200 rounds in cardboard boxes packed into a wood crate with no sealed cans. I have a picture of a typical appearing Chinese wooden crate marked to show the contents are “7.62x39mm” and “920” rounds. The owner of this sealed crate says that it sounds like metal cans inside the crate when he shakes it. I’ve never heard of this quantity, which would make 460 rounds to a sealed can, assuming two cans to the crate. Any help here? I thought that maybe a crate of 7.62x54r was mis-marked maybe, but those cans are 300 (in clips) and 440 rounds each, so those numbers don’t add up either.

Anyone seen a Chinese 460 round spam can in 7.62x39mm?


Maybe packed on stripper clips?

Maybe, but the typical Chinese can quantity for 7.62x39mm when packed on
clips is 550 rounds.