Chinese 7.62x51 sectioned

Chinese 7.62x51, Old post, wasn’t even aligning primer holes back than. Was asked if I ever sectioned a Chinese 7.62 in a email and keeps getting kicked backed to me. Figured I would post here.
Copper washed steel jacket and projectile with what seemed to be a harder than usual lead core. 61/82 When first posted I mentioned that its the most accurate round I’ve ever shot at 200 yds, through the same hole every time. Had witness’ and was not the only shooter. Got made fun of here at the IAA for the comment.


i see 92 ,not 82 for the date


Have you ever sectioned any of these Chinese made rounds?
I am told they have a steel core.


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Wolfgang - am sorry you were made fun of. I read things all the time about how terrible Chinese ammunition of the relatively current period is. However, I have done extensive shooting with Chinese and most other brands of 9 mm Makarov, and by far, the Chinese was the best. Fired from a Chinese-made Type 59, it halved the groups I got with anything else. Some highly-touted ammunition I will not name here proved to be poor. I won’t name them here, but one purported to be “Match Grade.” I had two rounds with obviously almost little or no powder in them, sticking a bullet in the bore of the pistol, and the other brand jammed often, along with having an inconsistent number of flash holes in the cases. This in a pistol that never jammed before or after firing this stuff.

I have had good results with most Chinese ammunition I have fired, and much of it sold as corrosive-primed is absolutely NOT. We did a “wash-room” test of that with the Makarov ammunition, as well as risking a ruined barrel (an extra was available) by not cleaning a pistol fired with over 100 rounds of Chinese ammunition and not cleaned until on month after.

I am not one bit surprised by your evaluation of the .308 (7.62 x 51) in the first paragraph here.

John M.