Chinese 7,62x51


My apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere. I did try searching but either my wits have deserted me or it hasn’t yet appeared here. I found it yesterday whilst rummaging though the bins at Bisley.

It’s a steel cased, copper washed Chinese 7,62x51 headstamped ‘CJ 95’ . I couldn’t find any relevant packaging. Is this a commercial loading?

Happy collecting, Peter


Yes, the Ubiquitous “Norinco” Commercial ammo, for sale in USA and Australia etc. packed in 20 round coloured cartons ( depending on factory.)

“CJ” is the western rendition of the Chinese factory name; it is a “Light Industry” factory near to Beijing. They have done a lot of Commercial ammo, especially brass cased 5,56 and 9mm para, as well as Steelcased 7,62x51.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.


Nice headstamp. I have not seen that one here in the US. At least not in the commonly seen Chinese 7.62x51mm on the surplus/shooter market. Those all have a numerical factory code (61) and year. The brass cased commercial packed .223 and 9x19mm (maybe .45 ACP as well) have the “C J” headstamp…



The “CJ” ammo in 7.62x51 did not reach US shores before the Clinton “China Ban” was enacted.


My club bought some from the NRA at Bisley a few years ago - it was very cheap, about 12p per round, when RG was over 20p (ah - the good old days!) Seemed to shoot ok but made barrel very dirty.