Chinese 7.62x51mm CS/DFL-3 sniper cartridge

Development of the Chinese 7.62x51mm CS/DFL-3 high precision/sniper cartridge started in mid-2009 and was completed in late 2010. The cartridge is brass cased and uses non-corrosive Berdan primers with a single base powder. The bullet is a boat tailed FMJ with a copper or copper alloy jacket, lead core and an air cavity in the tip. According to the information I have, the core is loaded from the front not the rear to improve manufacturing consistency. Muzzle velocity is stated as 800m/s (2625f/s). Based on the sectioned cartridge, the bullet weight is likely to be in the order of 168-175gr. Overall length is estimated at 2.82” with a bullet length of approximately 1.35”. Unfortunately I do not know what headstamp are used.
I do not have a good image that I can share but hopefully the drawing (apology’s for my poor art work) gives a reasonable idea of the cartridge design.