Chinese 7.63 Mauser


Two kinds of Chinese 7.63 Mauser cartridge.
Both were manufactured in 20th Arsenal(square in circle symbol).the first one is gilding metal jacket bullet,with dome brass primer,another one have CopperNickel jacket bullet,with flat copper primer.

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“SQuare in Circle” is actually “Chinese Cash coin”
Circular copper or brass coin with square hole…1,000 Cash made One String( thru the hole) and equaled One
Dollar Mex. ( Mexican Silver Dollar, or Silver 8 Reales
(" Piece of Eight) coined by Mexico for Spanish Philippines and China Trade…the Chinese only traded in Silver as Money…Gold was reserved for Jewelry and Imperial Use.
The Cash and Dollar Mex were used up to WWII concurrently with ROC Paper Yuan.

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Website Administrator edit / translation: Google translates the above Chinese phrase to: “Copper Bureau Production”.