Chinese 7.7x58


I knew I had the round on the left, but got the round on the right just in-case. I was pleasantly surprised to see the headstamps were significantly different. Hooray! These Chinese headstamped 7.7x58 Japanese rounds are pretty scarce.


Very nice finds.
This is the first time I have ever seen photos of post WWII production 7.7x58.
I knew the Chinese made them, but I had never seen one.


I have seen a drawing of another Chinese headstamp in 7.7x58 in a completely different style, but I haven’t seen the cartridge. I believe Norma and either Prvi or Igman have also produced the round commercially.


Even scarcer is the Chinese .45 Auto round with the 7.7 headstamp on it, but it exists. Also with 6.5 headstamp and 7.9 headstamp. I have the last one in my own collection, but not the ones with the Japanese-caliber headstamps.

John Moss