Chinese 7.92 Headstamps

I got these 2 Morgantowns ago, mixed in a collection of misc. rifle rounds. Just dug them out at the last SLICS show and they got buried among other detritus. Found them again today and thought to take a pic. Any comments welcome.

Cartridge 1.: 2nd Month, 1937 “H” (? Hanyang?) don’t recognise Symbol ( Three balls in Ring?). Is it “S” cartridge or M88 (Hanyang) cartridge? See “Arming the Dragon” by, Dolf Goldsmith

Cartridge 2: “11 25” 11th Month, 1936; Star B??? see above Book.

Cartridge 3: 2-26 Second Month, 1937; Can’t decipher Characters, but 9 o’clock one often seen on other shells (?Factory?)

Chinese Year dates on Cartridges are 1911 (Republic) plus H/S number. ( to get Western years.)

Doc AV

I do know about the dating, pretty common info.
According to Elks;
Far left is from Jinan (30th Arsenal)
Middle is from Hanyang
Far right is from Guangdong (Shijing, later 41st Arsenal). This last being later than previously recorded.


Just checked this one. You are correct. Well done.


Well, Ken Elks was right. ;)