Chinese 7.92x57mm?


I have tentatively identified both of these cartridges as 7.92x57mm from China. Please see the headstamps.


Although it isn’t clear in the photo, the primer has been completely colored with red sealant or paint. Almost looks like it was applied by hand.


No primer sealant.


The order of the above cartridge profiles correspond to the above headstamps. Cartridge #1 has red primer sealant and green sealant ring around the bullet at the case neck. Cartridge #2 has no primer sealant and a red sealant ring around the bullet at the case neck.

Are my IDs correct that these are Chinese rounds?

Does anybody know if the sealant colors on the primers or case necks have any significance?

Thanks for any information.



Your identification is absolutely correct. Both are Chinese. Both are ball rounds. The color of the neck seal doesn’t seem to have an significane. Black, red and green seem to be the colors they used. Often the primer seal is one color and the neck seal is another. I have rounds from other countries that evidently went through some sort of repacking process in China, where colored seals were added to the rounds, and they are all the typical red and green seals the Chinese used on this caliber. I wish I could tell you the factories of these - some of the factories, especially the older ones, are now known, but many are not. Lew Curtis is about the most expert on that, I think. He has done a lot of research into the older Chinese small arms and ammunition - not the imported sophisticated stuff - the stuff produced in small to medium factories in China itself.



I have viewed a reference to a similar type of Chinese cartridge and if the same pattern holds true, then (according to the reference) Cartridge #2 would have been produced at Factory 451, which has little practicality, since nobody knows where Factory 451 is located or what it produced.

Thank you again for the very good information because it adds to my knowledge.



The second round was made by the communists and the date is 1952. The communists used western dates.

The first round was made by a Nationalist arsenal in 1947 (1911 + 36) and was made by The 20th Arsenal (Formerly The 1st Arsenal of Sichuan).



Your information is great! Now I know when they were made and the names of the arsenals.