Chinese 9mm revolver cartridge

Found this key chain on my recent travels!
Left Chinese 9mm revolver
Right Chinese 9x19mm for comparison

Dimesions of the revolver cartridge are
Case length 0.666"
Mouth diameter 0.378"
Base diameter 0.388"
Rim diameter 0.433"
Rim thickness 0.055"
Overall length 1.037" (caution - this was not taken from a loaded cartridge)

Headstamp on both examples is 11 07
Bullet jacket is gilding metal, case is brass.

I’m now kicking myself for missing the opportunity to try out the revolver!


Thanks for the details Dave. Finally I know the case length. I wish one would bring more of those…

Some pictures of the 9 mm Type 95 boxes and cartridges (FMJ & “Less lethal”):

Any idea who would use these? I have not see the military or armed police with these.

It is used by some police forces. A report from 2006 says that is planned to be the issued to traffic, foot patrol, public affair and administration policemen (currently unarmed).

This is the kind of police I see.

The security guards at a few of the manufacturing plants I visit in China are armed with those revolvers.
I have had the opportunity to handle and examine a couple of the revolvers.
I would say they are on par with inexpensive revolvers on the market here in the US.
I have not had the chance to fire one, but the cartridge itself reminds me a lot of the old 38 S&W.

As to bringing back specimen cartridges from China, I would not even try.
Back before 9/11 I did so all the time, but not now.