Are these 9mm Parabellum loaded with the revolver bullet ?

I know at least one of you fellows collects 9mms.

John, I collect them, but have never seen these bullets except in the revolver round pictured.

Cheers, Lew

They don’t look like the same bullet. The meplat looks smaller.

Any idea what the headstamp is?


Not yet.

Looks like the ammo for the 9mm/38 police revolvers.

The revolver ammo is rimmed. These are 9mm parabellum rimless.

From China. Chinese made ?

Yes, Chinese made and sold commercially in the early 1990’s. I have it with 91-93 dates. I seem to remember that Clinton’s ban on Chinese ammo imports dates from about 1994 and the dates in my collection reflect this.

My rounds with this headstamp have the normal RN bullets, but other bullets have been sold in Europe with various Chinese commercial headstamps.



Thank you.

I have a box of those somewhere, I remember they were in a green Norinco square box with square styrofoam tray having an odd hexagonal or octagonal hole arrangement. But it’s been a few years. I am not now where the box is, so I can’t include a picture.