Chinese ammo toys

Here are some toys made from chinese cartridges and cases. Unfortunately the newer steel case rounds are difficult to solder…


Those are really well done. Are they made for commercial sale or were they just made by a private individual?

They are made for commercial sale, similar items were sold on UK eBay for a while in commercial packaging, the seller’s location was China. I have yet to see any of these for sale in stores in the UK, but doesn’t mean they aren’t here. If I find one I’ll buy it.

I’d love to know the headstamps on the Tokarev rounds!

Those are interesting in several ways. First ammo is very difficult for the average Chinese to own. I wonder if the maker works in the military or an ammo plant? Secong is the brass cases. What are the headstamps?

I think it is a waste!
But this is a legitimate collection of ammunition an important way.

The tank and AA gun look like they have been spray-painted a gold color to me. Probably a steel case underneath.