Chinese Arsenals

Does anyone have the factory name and location of any of the Chinese numbered arsenals?

Arsenal 821:
National Liao Yuan Machinery Works,
Chongqing, China

From box of 7.62 Nagant used by Chinese team at the Atlanta Olympics.


What company uses the triangle(<l) headstamp, and which one uses the double circle (OO)?

The box for cartridges with the triangle is simply marked:

China Jing An
Bei Jing China


Thanks Lew. I have a .22 box that with the triangle h/s that states China North Industrial Corp.

Roger–China North Industrial Corp. like Norinco (probably the same company) is a distribution center, not a manufacture.

[quote=“Lew”]The box for cartridges with the triangle is simply marked:

China Jing An
Bei Jing China


Lew, Jing An boxes had shown up with several hs inside. So far I suspect them to be a trade company only.

EOD, I agree with you!


Lew and EOD. That is correct. It is the Jing An Import/Export Equipment Company, or something like that. The same ammo is found in there box as is found in NORINCO boxes, often with the headstamp code of “71.” (At least in pistol ammunition).

I just wonder how comes that Jing An is basically a second trade house besides NORINCO. Is Jing An maybe one for civilain type sales only while NORINCO does everything? But even if so I see no purpose in having a second entity when NORINCO is in place already.

Despite its Communist political system, the PRC has a lot of capitalism mixed in there. When it comes to economics, the Chinese, being probably the best merchants on the face of the earth,
practice business on a very capitalistic level.

NORINCO is basically a function of the PLA. I suspect Jin An is more commercial, although of course, NORINCO sells commercial products. They have been slapped down a couple of times over certain “violations” and for awhile, I believe could not export ammunition or firearms, other than limited sporting calibers (rimfire and shotgun shells, as I recall, but could be wrong). Perhaps that is reason enough for a second large exporter. Most Western countries have dozens of exporters in any given commercial field, so for me, there is no wonder or surprise that China has at least two for ammunition. For us, now, NORINCO or any other Chinese entity cannot sell certain arms and ammunition in the USA, so it became a moot point. The size of the US market is very large; I note that since our ban on imports of Chinese ammo c. 1993, nothing much with dates later than that have showed up on any Western commercial market, or if they have, where are some specimens?