Chinese Article on 7.62x25mm Ammunition

Use Google Translate for what it is worth, lots of photos.


Brian, great find! Thank you for the link.

Lots of great images and some new things there too!

Has anybody ever seen the loads with copper washed soft steel bullets?
I do not recall ever having seen Chinese blanks.

Also some of the boxes are very interesting to see! In particular the dummy box and the Type 51-1 with embossed markings (for the soft steel bullet loads).

Some of my reading material for SLICS. PRC Tokarev tracers and blanks are almost unknown. I’m sure I’ll find some items to add to my Want List.

Fabulous article. Wish I could read it. Pictures worth “the price of admission.” Thanks Brian!!!

Is the google translation any good at all? I have no idea how to do it, but don’t want to trouble anyone to help me thru it if the translation is like some when doing characters thru a computer translation. I have seen some good ones, and some that were hilarious, due to the improper translation (in Spanish and Italian, where I know enough that with the help of language dictionaries, I can translate them).

John Moss

A mistake: The “torch mark” in this article is not 121 arsenal but 861.

John, just use this website translator:

There you enter the uRLof teh website in question, select the source and target language and click “translate”, then just wait a moment and the whole page will be opened in a new window in the language you have selected.

EOD - Thank you. However, I will now even shock you, as a dear friend, with my next question. What, exactly, is the uRL? I am almost totally ignorant of computer terms, spoiled by a wife that knew them all. Are we talking about what I call “the website address?”

John Moss

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John, no worries!
Yes, it is the “address”, the one marked red in the screenshot below.
You just copy and paste it.

Thank you, my friend.