Chinese cal.4 / 26.5mm flare gun cartridges

Anybody out there with good info/images of Chinese cal.4 / 26.5mm flare gun cartridges?

Alex, did you check the ones illustrated in the NORINCO catalog?

Fede I did, but wanted to see what else is out there in terms of maybe more variations like parachute flares or other derivates like CADs and mortar propelling cartridges.
Also I need images of head stamps and case markings (other than those in the catalog).
Anything is welcome.


Alex, found these pictures of a group of recent Chinese Type 57 flares (including plastic case!). Note loading card with “62” manufacturing code (barely visible on the white flares too).

Fede, outstanding! Thanks!
I have never seen the #14 on a 26.5mm head stamp.
Interesting to see that #62 is the loading plant here as before the 62 was regularly observed on the head stamps too. Now I wonder if the packing label is from the shown cartridges as the cases are made and loaded by #14.

Alex, sorry, I didn’t mention that the picture showing the label doesn’t belong to the ones above. It belongs to another set of boxed flares but I don’t have any more pictures and I also wonder if these are headstamped “62 98”.

The latest cases with hs #62 I know of are from 1976 but that may not mean much.


Great pics and info on the Chinese flare cartridges! As always, your enormous field of knowledge and documentation continue to be a wonderful thing for this collector interested in all “interesting” ammunition! (A broad field indeed…)

I note what appears to be a single dimple on the top wad of red cartridges and a double dimple on the green. Is this something used for tactile identification? If so, do you know if other countries use this as well on flare cartridges? I’m trying to remember where I’ve seen something like that before.


Dave, tactile signs on flare gun cartridges have been in use since at least WW1 by many countries and are an inevitable feature for ammunition which is to be used at night.
These signs were not only used on the lids but also on the rims and even the heads of the cases. The Swedes even made cuts into the case neck and glued self glowing (radioactive?) letters into the caseneck (their cases were not fully loaded).

Just google “26.5mm cartridges”: … 20&bih=954


Thanks for the info. I thought I had seen that before but was pretty sure those that Fede showed were the first Chinese flare cartridges I recall seeing.