Chinese Clocks using dummy cartridges


A few years ago, some clocks came in from PRC that had dummy cartridges all around the outside; 7.62x25, 7.62x39, and 7.62x54R. I’d like to get one of the Tokarev clocks. Anyone still have any?


These also came with 7.9x57s. I have a dozen or so in storage and will dig one out next time I am there if you don’t get one in the mean time. I bought 25 of these and got about 50 different dummies from the lot including some 7.9 headstamps not seen before.


Thanks. Will you be at Pikesville in a few weeks?


Not if it is the same time as Harrrisburg.


March 17?


I will be at the Harrisburg show on 17 Mar.


Joe S. told me that the Pikesville show was better than the March Harrisburg and I was thinking about heading down your way. Is it a 50/50 or is Harrisburg much better for ammo?


That weekend is the Maryland Arms collectors show at the fairgrounds. It is “THE” show to go to in Maryland. Pikesville is the militaria show which starts a day earlier than the gun show and is usually pretty slow on Saturday when everone is at Timonium. Harrisburg is always a toss up. You never know who will show. We go to the shows up that way for the purpose of eating at the Hillside Cafe, just North of York. Great steaks. The show is just a good reason. If you are going to Pikesville go to Timonium FIRST. You will drive by it in any case. That has been the only show which I have set up at for many years. Since I no longer collect I have given up my table and do not plan to go there any more. I have always had a great time at the Timonium show and bought goodies. I advise anyone in the area to go. GOOD LUCK.


Looks like the FPP visited your title.


Any good shows in Florida ever for inert large caliber ammo? I go to local gun shows all the time but nothing like some of the great shows you guys talk about all the time specific to cartridge collectors and related items :-(