Chinese experimental ammo

10.5×94、14.3×110 and 5.8×19 experimental round,and more about 14.3×110…I had seen the picture of it’s warhead several days ago. But according to the requirements of the picture provider,I can’t send the physical photo in the essay. Sorry about this,and I will sent a simple hand drawing that describe the 14.3mm warhead(SLAP)

If someone want to get the picture of experimental 14.3mm warhead,I’ll try to sent it by email.


Very interesting cartridges! Thank you for sharing!

What is the parent case for the 5.8x19? The 7.62x17 Type 64?

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I think 5.8×19mm experimental might be improved on the basis of 7.62×17 type 64,they are very similar under the neck.


A very interesting cartridge!
I asusme it is one of the predecessors of the 5.8x21?

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So the 10.5x94 and 14.3x110 …
For machine guns ?
Very interesting and thanks for sharing

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Mr. Charley
I only heard someone said that 10.5 might be used in machine gun,and I have never seen any doc or information about 14.3