Chinese Furnishings for the Home & Office = Ammunition!

This showed up on the BOCN forum and it is too good not to share, now for sale in China as home or office decorations, see:
For a partial translation copy the URL, open BING or GOOGLE translator page and paste the URL in the “Translate URL” box at the top of the translator page.

Part of the BING Translator translation: " Office furniture, shop decorations everywhere and lucky! The company sells all retired shells and demolition bombs."
That’s right all types of out dated artillery ammunition and bombs, contents removed, cleaned up and offered as home or office décor items.

When are they going to open a store here?

I can hear collectors saying it now “Why yes dear I’ll be more than happy to help with redecorating the house”.


What a great idea, maybe not for everyone, but would decorate the “man cave” quite well.

It is sad to realise what a strict country China is in one regard yet they can recycle-own these items without fear. Yet countries like Australia & others panic at the sight of such items & go out of their beaurocratic way to stop importation & ownership of these things!

Regards Ozzi.

I love the base stands they are sitting on. I will have to try making them :-)

Will they ship to the US :-)


Jason–I doubt if they can be imported. I wish they could be as I would love to have one of each of the items, But they are not cheap. For instance the 100mm round at 1280 Yuan is US$209.10 + shipping.

The’re awesome for sure, Ron. Sucks they wont be able to be imported. I’m with ya and would have wanted an inert example of each for the cave.


A Chinese forum member on BOCN warned that the site selling these was a scam site. So if anyone does try ordering them, beware.

Another case of: if it sounds too good to be true, then it is probably not true!