Chinese grenadiers - not to mess with!

Dug up this image and found it to be funny (source internet):



Love it!

Thousand Hand Bodhisattva + Grenades!

Where is the safetypin, whereis the safety pin…

Desperado, funnily the Type 67 do not have any safety pins - just pull friction delay fuzes. Once the string is pulled it has to be thrown as otherwise SHTF.

Source internet:

Here a variant of it - technically identical.

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Hi Alex,

You are always a source of knowledge!
When I have posted it I thought so too.
Thanks for mentioning.

So the edit would read like that:
…Where is the string, where is the string…

Cheers Jo

Desperado, sorry for nitpicking (again) knowing where the string is would not help as it would not prevent anything from happening. Here it is like with tooth paste, once out of the tube it can not be put back.
Means when the string is pulled the fuze is burning, no matter what one will do then the grenade will explode (unless it is a dud).

Maybe wording will be more like:
WTF!?, …cover!, …cover!
…f#%§@k, …f#%§@k, …f#%§@k

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Or when one will manage a regular use he may cite “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” when he threw the holly grenade:
Snuff this!

And never forget “…five is right out”!

Here the medieval tutorial (a classic amongst EOD and grenade folks):

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Imagine if that guy could juggle…