Chinese military and police cartridge


Thanks for the photos! I really appreciate the photo of the 9x19mm box!

Could you translate the label for us?


Type DAP92 92式
9mm normal ammo 9mm普通弹
30 Rounds 30发

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BotTao, thanks for showing that green packet for the 5.8x42 cartridges. Haven’t seen this design before.

Could you maybe translate the markings there as well?

DBP95-5.8 Steel ----------means steel case
30 Rounds(Clip)
ammunition box

If anyone interested with those things,can buy some through
Search 子弹壳

Could you please post the headstamps for the 2 7.62x25 Tokarev cases you have shown?
And where on that website do these cases/cartridges appear?

Thanks for the translation!
Great cases you got there.

947 means code of factory
94 means 1994,date of production
same with your chathead


BotTao, do you happen to know who factory 947 is?

Not a people.It’s a code name of one military factory in China(like"Area 51”).And where are these factories?I don’t know.Remains a secret.

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