Chinese new .338 caliber cartridge

Today I got some Chinese experimental .338 caliber cartridge cases manufactured by No.71 factory.
Here are some pictures.


Is this now a shortened .338 LM (8.6x70)?
What is the case length?


I see from your top picture that Factory 11 also made the case for one of the .338 you show. Did they load they load this caliber as well, or were the cases sent to 71 for loading.

Is their an Official Designation for any of these .338’s? I see their seem to be two types at least, again from your top photo. Do they have a “Type” designation?

John Moss

Yes,it is.The case length is 67mm

They all load this caliber and there are dozens of experimental bulets.They usually called .338LM as “8.6×70mm”.Still don’t known the shortened version’s name yet.

Could this be a shortened .338LM to accomodate a plastic sabotted APFSDS projectile?

Shoulder on this seems a bit sharper / shorter too

However you can see clearly that the latest version is still 8.6x70mm size,and a significant point is the aluminium tip of the projectile on the new sniper balls. Very similar to the A-MAX bullets designed by Hornady.
The other point is it seems that the Chinese version of .338 LM has a very small primer, just like the primer used on 7.62 M43 or even smaller. and all the primers have been out of shape since the high pressure while testing,meaning that the Chinese version of .338 may have higher chamber pressure than original.

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Very interesting!
Are the light grey ones cadmium plated steel or aluminum cases?

All steel cases and including .338LM, .50BMG for export, 12.7x108mm and the powerful 25x183B for AA guns. And you can notice the brass cases, which is a great progress for sniper balls in China.
And one interesting thing i’d like to mention is that the .50 API bullets in China is extremely heavy and even can reach 920gr(59.6g), far havier than MK211 Mod 0. Although the muzzle speed is only 2700fps. the muzzle energy still can reach over 20000J, using new propellant to replace both WC860 for .50BMG and 4/7 single base for older version of 12.7x108mm.

do you had pictures of these 25x183 cases

for the 12.7 i see black/yellow or violet tips ,what these ?

do you know if the 338 with steel cases can be offered for export ?

Great to see!
Brass cases for sniper ammo we saw at least in 2011 with 7.62x51 police loads.

Do you happen to habe more images and maybe headstamps of those cases above?
Also of the 25x182B.

In fact, the new .338 rounds are only prepared for sniper guns FOR POLICE NOT MILITARY and NOT for machine guns of any kind like LWMMG since the high chamber pressure and horrible recoil. Chinese want to use a .30 caliber and with 5000J of muzzle energy, which is similar to .300 Win Mag but rimless or CTA design similar to Textron, to provide enough ability to defeat both 6.8 NGSW with greater power and .338 Norma Magnum with lower recoil and lighter weight.

Unfortunately, the .338 in the picture is still can’t be adopted since the poor accuracy: can’t reach sub-MOA level for military bolt-action rifle. So sorry, no exports.
The 25x183 B is a combination of both 23x152B Shilka and 25x184mm Oerlikon KBB. But the power is smaller, only enough to accelerate a 260g weight bullet to 1050m/s, while KBB can reach 1160m/s. Little stronger than 27x145B for Mauser BK-27 and enough to penetrate the 38mm titanium armor on A-10 using Special alloy core AP rounds.
12.7/.50 rounds: black means API improved from MK211. The yellow one have tracer tube. the violet is APIT also, NOTICE THAT DIFFERENT TIP COLOR OF BULLETS MAY ARE THE SAME KIND AND ONLY DIFFERENT IN EARLIER/LATER IMPROVED VERSION IN CHINA.

So the black tip today is not anymore the B-32 as in the past but an API design along the Raufoss line?

The yellow a pure tracer?? Or an API-T?
And what is the black + yellow?

Those are 23×152B cases, not 25mm

And the snipe round…there are over 100 versions in different caliber,They did a lot of work on that.

The picture that Panpan showed at the bottom,They are not 338LM,they are 338NM

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Magnum, thank you for the clarification!

Can you translate the designations here maybe??