Chinese non-lethal cartridges & munitions - LOTS!


Here is a whole lot more Chinese non lethal and riot munitions for police:

The next two items are from an exposition done in Beijing in 2009
7.62x39 (or 7.62x51? - I can’t tell) “DBF90” rubber bullets:

37mm (says 38) launched non-lethals:

The following 12ga cartridges all came from this link:
12ga tear gas:

12ga rubber slug:

12ga rubber buck:

12ga plastic pellets (I think):

12ga dye marker:

12ga bird bomb:

12ga drag-stabilized bean bag:

Some kind of 35mm dye marker or non-lethal launched grenades

Chinese 9mm revolver loads. Standard & non-lethal rubber boxes

Close up of the 9mm revolver rubber cartridge:

The next 9 grenade items were all shown at a 2005 police products expo in Beijing (you can click page numbers 1 through 10 for the individually listed items):

launched tear gas grenade:

smoke or gas? grenade:

prototype? nonlethal grenade:

launched multi tear gas:

flash bang grenade:

Inert grenade:

flash bang grenade:

flash bang grenade:

launched rubber buckshot grenade:

I’m guessing that all of these are beyond rare, and virtually unobtainable to us? I’d like to just be able to have some of the rubber 9mm revolver cartridges. Those are very widespread at this point since so many patrol officers are carrying them now.

Chinese 18,4mm (12 ga) special ammo

All the grenades are french made from ALSETEX


Interesting, I never would have known that from the websites I saw, but then reading Chinese is not my strong point. I wonder if the 12ga loads are Chinese origin?


assume these small arms items have never seen the light of day in the US ?

I need them !


Seems Alsetex was attending a Police related equipment show in China.


Interesting, I never would have known that from the websites I saw, but then reading Chinese is not my strong point. I wonder if the 12ga loads are Chinese origin?[/quote]

Matt, the 12 GA are special ones with a thicker rim so they can not be used in regular 12 GA weapons. I have seen those before on images of other shows in China. To my understanding they are Chinese.


I hope they bring some of that stuff to Milipol next year.


JMHO & speculation

I would speculate that the specially marked and ID’d less lethal 12 ga weapon has the deeper chamber base groove so that if a lethal round found its way into “this” (less lethal) gun…maybe the firing pin would not contact the primer (of a thin based round) with enough force as to not detonate it ??

(as opposed to not wishing these less lethal rounds to be chambered in a regular weapon)

Maybe ?


Tony, these items do exist now for years and have not shown up at western shows by now (alt least I did not notice). May there be a policy or a special reason?


Yes, the 12ga are likely made at Qiqihar Hawk. They use the thicker rim for the police shotguns. I tested the rubber baton loads when I visited in 08.


I’ve noticed that the Chinese tend to have two ranges of weapons and ammo - the ones for domestic use, and the ones for export. For instance, I picked up a couple of Chinese weapon catalogues at Eurosatory this year and they generally fail to mention China-only products, focusing on the exports (so they include 5.56x45 ammo for the Type 97 export version of their bullpup assault rifle, but don’t mention the 5.8x42 ammo for the domestic Type 95 at all).

Incidentally, that big fat green plastic case in the photos looks like a French 44mm FlashBall round. This is their website: