Chinese pistol loads - some odd ones!


So I have finally begun trawling the internet in actual Chinese characters in my search for more specialty & AP pistol loads (what a trip). It’s time consuming to go back & forth between the translations, but it’s turned up some gems that I was completely unable to find using the same exact search strings in plain English. The following are all photos posted by forum users at the site

Some strange sky-marshal loads in 9mm:

Some rubber-tip non-lethal 7.62x25:

Some 7.62x25 loads with exposed steel tips:

A 9x18 load of unknown purpose which I could not decipher even the English translation on, the caption read: “9X18 empty police with bullet tip. The goal of the anti-missile greatly on their remaining” or in Chinese: 9X18警用空尖手枪弹 这种弹对有生目标的杀伤极大

7.62x17 subsonic pistol loads for the silenced type 67 pistol:

7.62x17 boxes:

9mm DAP-92 box:

From another forum site:

What an original tin of 5.8x21 pistol ammo looks like:

A 5.8x21 tracer?:


DK - I give up. I couldn’t open a single picture on your posting. I also found the website, but could not find, in the myriad of subsites and entries, anything I though resembled the ones you show.

I am very interested in the entry for the 9 x 18 mm cartridge? Can you bring that up on your thread somehow.
I can get the Chinese properly translated if the I can see the illustration and caption in Chinese and print it out.

This could be a great thread if the pictures could be put right on it.

John Moss


More stuff from the site

There are many photos of 7.62x39 and other Chinese boxes & cartridges at that one


PLEASE repost or email me these. I could not open them either.

Some rubber-tip non-lethal 7.62x25:

Some 7.62x25 loads with exposed steel tips:


John - you can see the pics in the post above right? To see them separately you can right-click on them and select “view image”. A link for the forum thread is here with all the text:


Oh, I see the problem, the images can’t be resolved in Microsoft Internet Explorer, but they do show up with Mozilla Firefox, like what I use - probably a Chinese translation thing?


There, I downloaded, uploaded to photobucket and reposted here - should work now.


Speaking of foreign boxes and cartridges that we don’t usually see, I’ve been on the Pakguns forum lately (in English thank god). They are a very friendly and well-spoken group and they do have some interesting access to some Central-Asian ammo that we don’t usually see. I noticed that Jon C recently joined there as well, and I’m guessing he was pleased to see this box photo posted there:

which is one I had never seen.


Yeah, it’s an interesting site. I recommend a visit.


DKConfiguration-Thanks for that great link for 7.62x39. Quite a few boxes I had not seen before. I downloaded them all to my Box Image file. Even picked up some new dates on the headstamps. Sure wish I could read the captions. I am sure they would have some interesting information. Anybody out there that can read them?


Ron - if you copy the web address for that page (using the mouse) and then go to the google translate website, you can paste the address into the translate box and select the “to & from” languages and it will produce the website in English. I just tried to post a link to the translated site here in the forum, but it’s too long and the url brackets wont work on it for some reason.


DK - thanks for all your work in bringing those images right to the thread. A great boon for those of
us who are not so computer-savvy. Thanks buddy!

John Moss


In 1991 I bought some Chinese 7.62x39mm ammo for shooting. The dealer told me they had been a contract for Iraq but were undeliverable because of the embargo that was in-place so they (at least some of them) were sold as surplus in the US. He also said they were unusual in that the bullets were partially filled with small silicone pellets.There were a number of people that were skeptical that such a bullet existed.

At the website that DK listed a similar sectioned round is shown. So it looks like what the dealer told me might be valid.

The ones I bought were headstamped 31 90 and also had copper-washed steel cases with green mouth bands.


DKConfiguration–Thanks for the information about Google Translate. I was not aware that it would do Chinese. It sure worked well.

Lots of good information on that site, especially ID of several of the Chinese factories and their headstamps.


Sorry to say, but I do not think any of those pictures in the 7.62x39mm thread came from China. Many of those 7.62x39mm pics appear to have been taken form assorted online auctions (I have many of them in my photo library, copied from auctions over the years) and a webpage created some years ago by a guy attempting to show the history and variations of the imports of 7.62x39mm from China and other communitst countries. The pic of all the headstamps that are highlighted in white came from me as did some of the boxes/packets and the sectioned cartridges and the Chinese “plastic balls” cutaway. This is actually a fairly common cartridge, but since so much of the normal Chinese lead core ball has the same green case mouth seal as well, it does not stand out. “31 90” is known and “31 91” has been reported (but not confirmed) to me as also having the plastic balls in the nose. Information from the Woodin Lab, based on conversations with some Chinese visitors suggests that this unusual variation is nothing special, rather “just something they tried”. The plastic balls appear to be polystyrene or PVC rather than silicone. They are fairly hard. I cannot conform the story of this ammunition coming from a diverted shipment during the 1990-1991 Gulf War, but it did turn up in gun shops in Southern California shortly after the war was over… As I recall, these were in normal, 20 rd. unmarked paper packets. Many years later I ran across this same cartridge packed on SKS chargers, 30 rounds to a paper wrapper sealed in a vinyl bag. These sealed bags were packed in the normal wood crate, no metal “spam cans” and the crate markings were generic and in english.



AKMS - not surprised to hear that those pics were recycled from you. I was wondering why a Chinese thread would have a pic of such headstamps like that with the letters whitened. Here’s another thread I’ve followed for over a year. It’s Czech and the pages number 54 long in the one thread. It has tons of photos so you have to sift through it - probably the best cartridge photo thread on the internet. I posted this link a year ago I think: and that is the English translated version. For some reason it takes you to page 12, even though I copied the link from page one. You can navigate through pages easily though.

Some interesting images:

a subsonic 7.62x39 with green/black tip (page 38):

An unknown? 7.62x39 (page 49 of the thread):

Lots of 7.62x54r and 7.62x39 (page 51):

You can also back out of that photo thread and navigate to its source folder to see many other ammo threads


Another bonus I noticed about the above Czech forum with the large ammo threads is that they have an English mode, so you can join to post things and send messages to members. If a bunch of us joined and touted the IAA we might gain some new forum members here at least - and maybe IAA members if they want access to the B/S/T folder or the journal.


Some months ago when I tuned into the Forum there was a Chinese fellow who came on. What happened to him ?