Chinese plant codes

Hi, does anyone have any information on where each Chinese plant was located based on the numerical headstamps headstamp codes of 7.62x39 and 7.62x54 cartridges? For example 71, 51, etc. Thanks.

I recommend purchasing a copy of Ken Elks (with Bin Shih) “Chinese Ammunition 1870 to the Present Day” (2012). I bought a copy from Ken a couple of weeks ago and it is really good. It gives a history of China relative to ammo manufacture, which puts it all together quite nicely. The numerous arsenals are discussed with plenty of good photos of headstamps and the tables and charts provide nice summaries of the text. Even if a collector has a slight interest in Chinese ammo, the book is worth getting. There is an advert for the book in the latest IAA Journal and that is what brought it to my attention.

I also have an advert here, on the buy, sell, trade page.

I would also recommend getting a copy of Ken Elks’ book. Chapter 11 consists of 40 pages devoted to the subject of ammunition produced by the People’s Republic of China (1949 to 2012), which is the time frame I think you are interested in.

In regard to your request for information on factory codes, as an example, Elks lists and pictures over 50 different headstamp codes for 7.62x39mm ammunition alone. He does not give much information on the location of these factories, except for factories existing before 1950, probably because there is not much available information. Maybe someone else can provide a better insight/view on this.