Chinese reloaded 7.92mm cases probably from the era of Chinese Civil War

I’d like to show you guys these two interesting Chinese 7.92mm cases I found the other day.

The headstamps of these two are both chinese character “机” which means “machine” though the right one is a bit worn-out, indicating that they are to be used in machine guns, probably with sS type projectiles.

The most interesting thing is that there are turning tool traces in the bottom of both cases especially the right one, showing that they are re marked, the initial headstamps were cut off and then “机(machine)” were marked on it. Besides, the flash holes are also different, indicating that they are different types of 7.92mm Mauser cartridge before reloading.

My guess is that they were reloaded in Liberated Zone (communist controlled area) during Chinese Civil War.



Hi guys, I found another interesting 7.92mm Mauser case similar to those two I mentioned before, but this case has a different headstamp!

The headstamp of this one is “步” which means “infantry”, and “rifle” is “步枪(infantry gun)” in Chinese, so it suggests that this 7.92mm cartridge was designed to be used in rifle, maybe with an S type bullet.



Were these manufactured by hand (de novo) in China or some foreign non-Chinese supplier delivered semi-finished empty cartridges to China to be loaded locally?

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Hi Vlad, although there is no direct evidence, I believe they were re marked and reloaded from fired cases available for the Communist Party whether they were manufactured in China or abroad, because there is a material and economic blockade imposed by the Kuomintang (Chinese Nationalist Party) on the Communist Party and its Liberated Zone which was still in difficult conditions at that time, and that is exactly why CPC needed to reload cartridges to fill the ammunition gap.