Chinese shotshells


Hello everybody,
I have no idea if they even excist, but when available could somebody tell me something about shotshells made in China! And if possible post pictures of them.
Many thanks rene.


I’ll tell you one thing the Chinese seem to make in mass quantity as far as shotshells is novelty items. Everything below is made in China:

salt&pepper shakers




Kitchen timer:

Pill holder:

There are a few things that came up which look real, but I don’t know if the shells are Chinese, or just the packaging:

These look like real Chinese stuff:

When I searched using the Chinese term for “Shotgun non lethal” 非致命霰弹枪 - I saw this result, which I assume is something like a Taser XREP:

There are a bunch here:

Like these:


Are the Chinese just producing trinkets and other novelties trying to perfect their manufacturing process like Japan did before it hit the big time production of high end items. Or are these items commissioned by another seller? little off topic sorry


I have several boxes of 12 Ga Chinese Jialing shotshells. I purchased about 8-10 boxes of them at a closeout price (I think $2-$3/box) in some discount store in Hattiesburg, Mississippi (not Wal-Mart or K-Mart, but a local chain), this being sometime around 1998-2000. I shot some of these at Skeet, but they had a fairly powerful punch to my shoulder, definitely not mild loads. Box states load is 24 g, which if that’s the shot weight, would be 0.85 (or about 7/8) ounces. They have an electric blue plastic body with a crimp closure (about like the picture shown previously), and nickel-plated medium height heads. If I can find an unfired box (and I have at least two boxes of them somewhere), I will post some pictures of the loaded shells. See box pictures below. The box bottom has no printing and right and left side panels are identical. I guess these Chinese shells have not been imported into the US for awhile, as I have never seen any others.


Hello you all.

Thanks for the info, I must say I am a little stupid because back when I collected plastic shotshells I used to have a number of Jialing and Norinco shotshells. I also had one with similar style but with BELVOIR written on the case.
But now my interest is in paper and brass only. ( to many plastic to collect ).
That box from China does look great, would love to find out what was inside.

Many thanks for all the effort.



Hello did you notice the strange rim on the chinese cartridges?? The last ones on the bottom of DKconfoguration’s post
It looks like if they are plastic made.
Regards rene


I’ll bet / guess the black shells with the thick rim Rene notes are for a military or police weapon chambered so to make other conventional shells unusable & has what appears to be a 00 buck load.
Just looked at the site & did a Google translate to the text below the black shells picture

“Is non-lethal riot control ammunition,
For the surface combat ammunition, mainly used to disperse, uniform within 35-100 meters of illegal mob riots in the crowd or the insurgents.
All shells long 65mm, all playing important 24g, rubber bullets as φ 8mm ball 8, a single projectile weight 0.85g, 35 meters from the target rate of ≥ 50%, 35 meters from the projectile kinetic energy <28J.
The use of firearms: 97-series anti-riot gun.”

edited to add translation


Yeah - those rims are so that no typical shotguns can fire them, just the special police ones. I had posted some of these shells in another thread a while back showing many Chinese non-lethal munitions, and somebody had mentioned that.


I just copied the photos & used google to translate the text below the various photos on the site Matt linked to these thick-rimmed shells.

In a word document. Anyone want a copy please send me an e-mail NOT a PM, PLEASE


Further to my earlier Post on Jia Ling sporting shotshells, further Net Surfing has found their WebPage, andf the factory is Located in a District Subsidiary to Chungking ( QongQing)…It is part of a “Light Industrial” type of Plant (as are Most Arms and Ammo plants in China.).

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.


I belive the Chinese riot police use shotguns that are painted white which can fire non-lethal loads only.
This is so they cannot be accused of using live rounds. These guns probably take the thick rimmed shells.