Chinese stuff


for those interested in some dirt-cheap Chinese stuff like 5.8mm fired cases, I suggest to check out following links:
while this may look Chinese :) to most of you, Google translate could help to understand what is being sold, and service can be used as intermediate agent for purchasing from TaoBao
I checked it personally by ordering (and receiving) some 5.8x22 and 12.7x108 fired cases. Paid via PayPal.

Interesting! Are the boxes available with the cases? While navigating their site, did you see any 7.62x25 Tokarev?

not sure about boxes.
as for 7.62x25, quick search turned up following link:

Heck! I need such a clip!

Just in case someone is interested, there are some fired shells of the Chinese thick rim 18.4 mm buckshot load.

The 10mm Sniper rifle round wouold be a good case to find if there are any of them on there.