Chinese tranquilizer pistol darts

I came across this photo on a Chinese website, and even after using the Google translate feature, it was sort of a mystery. It shows a revolver with a very long cylinder and a few darts to be used in it. I honestly don’t know if it is real or not:

The confusing translation of the Chinese page where this image is from is here:

Can anyone who reads Chinese discern anything from the page’s original text?:

I am not familiar with this make or model tranquilizing equipment but the darts are definitely designed with similar engineering to some that I have used here in the US. It looks to be a “Compressed Air” injection system were the dart has two chambers. One chamber to hold the sedatives and the other (in the back) to hold compressed air to drive an internal plunger. The other style used has a small internal pyrotechnic charge to drive a plunger, initiated by impact inertia. I personally prefer the pyrotechnic style.