Chinese Type 56 Ammo

I’m trying to get any documented evidence of any Chinese ammo older than this. I have seen adverts of 1958 tins saying oldest known Chinese AK ammo but obviously it’s not. I’ve had a hard time trying to post this picture without it being upside down. Anyway let me know if anyone has a picture of Chinese AK ammo from 56, albeit a specimen or tin.


Attached is photo of a paper doc. I created in 2007 from a 2007 IAA Forum discussion on 1956 Chinese 7.62x39mm. I think the forum discussion was started by Lew Curtis.


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Wow Brian thank you very much for sharing, an awesome picture!! Do you know anyone from whom I can obtain any, even a single round? I’m sorry if I’m off track here…

Again, thank you sir!

V/r Henry

The pictures were posted by Lew if I recall correctly.

I think the 1956 dated Chinese rds are around so you might post in the Buy/Sell/Trade section and I’m sure you will come up with some examples.

Thank you sir.