Chinese Type 67 links



here is a Chinese Type 67 belt.

Can anyone comment on the correct seat of the cartridge in the link pocket ?

  • end of link before rim
  • end of link on rim
  • end of link after rim

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Operating manual says:

“Load the feed belt by placing a cartridge over the link opening, so that the rim of the cartridge must be just ahead of the turned down tab on the link. Press the cartridge into the link; the tab must be behind the cartridge base”.

I’m not sure if this will really help you. There is no tab on your belt?


Thank you Fede for this information.

What a long sentence in the manual to explain how to load the belt : a sketch would have been worth a thousand words :-)

Here is the belt with the properly seated cartridge and the end connecting link.

Here is the detail of the recurved tab.

Is there any information on the capacities of the various belts ?




I don’t have a chinese manual but an american translated SA identification guide. There is an illustration but it doesn’t look very sharp in my copy (original was probably easier to understand). This is the only belt described.


Fede, what you show us here is a Czech belt for the Vz59 machine gun. JFL may know details.


Text says: “The Type 67 machinegun cannot use the pull-out type feed belt used in most Communist weapons, but must rather use a push-out type belt similar to that used in the Czechoslovak Vz59 machinegun”. Could this be an early variation (pre 1970 or 1973) or is this picture wrong?



yes indeed your illustration shows a Czechs Vz 59 belt. Here it is in detail :

The Czechs belt and the Chinese belt cannot be interchanged at all : the feed system is completely different : the Czechs belt is for direct push-through of the cartridge while the Chinese belt is for push-down (perpendicular direction compared to the cartridge axis).




Alex and JFL, thank you both. I didn’t have the knowledge to recognize this mistaken picture.



I still would like to determine the capacity of the belts ?
I have one complete with starter and trailing end link which is 250-round, but there are also segments which could be connected to each other with male and female connecting links : what is the capacity of these segments ?

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Is anyone able to explain how the round is removed from the belt and fed?
I can’t picture it…



Thank you redhippo for this definitive information and nice excerpt from manual.




Thank you very much for the explanation and illustration. My limited run-ins with MGs are limited to box magazine fed, push-through belts and pull-back belts.



T.67 belt feed is a variation of the Soviet Nudelmann 37 and Nudelmann-Richter 23 aircraft cannons feed mech.
Both these shells were Rimless ( 23x115 and 37x155)
And were pushed out of the link into a Bolt head T-slot
(Like a Maxim or Browning) only that the bolt head rotated like a Mauser MG151.

The T67 using a Rimmed case pushes the Rimmed case Down and forwards…normal bolt face with moving extractor.
There are some connections with the stripping action of Rimmed cases in Hotchkiss strips…( M1914 8mmLebel and Portative in .303Br.)

Nice to hear from you JFL…I missed the chance to see you in Paris 2-7 August last ( beaucoup des belles filles).
Doc AV