Chinese Type52 pistol cartridge

Type 52 pistol was coppied Walther PPK,The caliber is 7.65mm(.32ACP). There were many .32 cartridge at that time so Chinese have’t manufactured their own .32ACP. As time went by,.32ACP peter out. So Chinese start manufacture .32ACP from a .30 Carbine. Here is an example.

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Xiexie, Sheng xiansheng. Nin hao ma?

Could you photograph the headstamps on both cartridges, please.
Making .32ACP from .30 Carbine is quite a size reduction in the rim, head and body of the cartridge Case.
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Doc AV
(Lao Fan Shi-de)

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Probably Military aid to KMT during WWII or Revolution.
Do not think it was Korean War capture. Cartridges dismantled( primers left in place, cases redrawn to 32ACP head diameter, trimmed to length, loaded with powder ( original #2400, or replacement Chinese Powder??)
And projectile from 7,62x25 T51 size and weight?

Hen hao, xiexie,
Doc AV (Lao Fan)

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The projectile seems like original .32 ACP bullet. It had been pulled out rudely and settled in this case. Brass jacket and Nickel plated

Sheng, great info!

Was this done in large scale or only locally improvised?

It’s hard to say……I also find Chinese neck down a.30-06 case or 8mm Mauser case to 7.63x25 Mauser

Interesting! A lot of effort to reform 30-06 into these. Though hard times require hard measures.
Is there a way to determine when aproximately this was done?

Can we exclude these to be 7.62x25 TT cartridges - mainly for SMGs?
I am asking as I wonder if a normal pistol would reliably fire a domed rifle primer.

probably 1944-1945.because its propellant was hand made. It may birthed at a small communist workshop.and I’m sure it was used at mauser is the propellant

Was US ammunition commonly available at this time?
Means it was brought to areas not under Japanese occupation.

We can find American 7.92Mauser dated 1942-1944 in China

Were also US weapons supplied during this time?

As I know,we have M1903 and M1917

No M1 carbines?