Chinese Videos On YouTube ( Dated April, 2021) Concerning Small Arms and Ammunition

" 超级武器·子弹(下):探秘解放军的弹药箱!钨心脱壳穿甲弹摧毁力超强 双弹头让单挺机枪火力倍增!「兵器面面观」| 军迷天下 - YouTube "

Some screen shots from the video-


nice pictures
especially the 14.5x114 APDS

apparently the 12.7 with blue tip is a duplex (or triplex ?) load

nice view of 7.62x25 subsonic load (with pointed bullet)

and first time that i see a 5.8x42 tracer

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Another Chinese video on guns and ammunition: " 超级武器·子弹(上):一击必杀!解放军穿甲爆破燃烧弹实测 5层3A钢板瞬间被秒成渣!「兵器面面观」| 军迷天下 - YouTube "

They even used one of Kevin Gross’s sectioned cartridge photos at 3:06 in the video. I wonder if they asked Kevin for permission to use his work in their video? I’ll bet not!

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another nice video

but what these yellow and black/yellow tips ?