Choice Ammunition - cowboy ammo sack

An interesting Wells Fargo style burlap sack packaging being used by Choice Ammunition for their .45 Colt cowboy ammo.


Pretty neat

Hope the bank doesn’t take notice & do a court thing.

Can’t quite make out the headstamp?

If yours & it you have an extra, please put one in my box & thanks

Pete - on the picture posted, and on the few other calibers I looked at on their website, they appear to be using JAG brass, with the JAG headstamp.

John Moss

Thanks John

A side question here.

When did people begin marketing the .45 COLT cartridge as a .45 LONG Colt cartridge?

I have some price lists of WWI era, & pre-WWII, that have the “.45 Colt” listed, but not anything called “.45 Long Colt”, and I do not remember there being a short .45 Colt cartridge, (and the .45 Schoefield does not count).

I seem to remember this happening in the retail world beginning about 12~15 years ago, about the same time Marlin and Savage began marking their MAGAZINE packaging with the words “Magazine Clip”!

Just another example of the dumbing it down for the dumbest consumer?

Actually, while the term .45 Long Colt is an erroneous name for the cartridge, the confusion probably started with the .45 Schofield cartridge. For a time, the shorter Schofield cartridge was issued for use in the Colt’s SAA Revolver as well as the S&W. Even the issue holster had to holes for the closing stud in the flap, so it could be used with both revolvers. Lots of people still call the .45 Colt the “Long Colt,” erroneous or not. It upsets cartridge collectors because we all tend to be purists, and rightfully so, I think, on these designations, although I disagree with some ideas on the general subject, but lots of shooters routinely refer to the “.45 Long Colt.”

The controversy comes up often in discussions, but believe me, the “Long Colt” name isn’t likely to disappear from the scene, even thought it should.

John Moss